Customer references

Value added co-operation

We have co-operated successfully with Palmet for more than 10 years. Palmet manufactures the rear frames and cargo spaces of our forest machines. The finished, machined and painted components are usually some 1.000‒2.000 kg.
We especially appreciate the production technical competence and flexibility of Palmet even in unexpectedly changing circumstances. Thanks to our co-operation, we have succeeded in developing our products and processes, and been able to cut both material costs and lead times.
Since Palmet offers all services from machining to surface treatment under the same roof, the production runs smoothly and the prices are competitive.
Our co-operation is being extended further within the area of product development. Palmet is also our trusted partner in developing new prototypes.

Jukka Kivipelto | Technical Director
Logset Oy

Price, quality and delivery reliability

Palmet delivers different welded constructions to us, including both simple serial components and more complicated assemblies, such as personnel crane baskets and containers.
To achieve a loyal business partnership, we require a good balance between price, quality and delivery reliability.
We have cooperated successfully with Palmet for nearly 15 years. Palmet has lived up to our expectations, and over the years the partnership has deepened. We discuss issues related to the manufacturing of components already in the product development phase. We have learned that it’s a win-win to listen to the opinions of a competent sub-contractor.

Jyrki Penttinen | Strategic Purchaser
Normet Oy